пятница, 29 апреля 2011 г.

First post

Heyyy to everybody!!!!!!
I'm so exited!! This is my first blog and first post!!!!!
You are always welcome!!!!
 I've decided to create this blog cause lots of people told me i looked like a fashion blogger. I was very surprised but it inspired me to create it,so enjoy my blog!
 A little about me:
i live in Grodno, Belarus. It's rather small town but it's good cause we are really close to nature, we have our historical heritage and nobody has such style as mine in my town(!).
 I study at Lyceum. My main subjects are Math and Physics but now i'm thinking to become a journalist.
I have lots of friend and i really adore to spent time with them so all my albums are full of pictures from cinemas, parties, pools, bowlings and etc.
This pictures were taken by my great friend Jenny Rybak during two school breaks!!!
Enjoy the pictures. Feel free to tell me what do you think in comments or by email: lisa-yanulevich@mail.ru
And some pictures with my friends:
Thanks for viewing. Enjoy your week-ends!!!
Bye-bye, your Lisa 


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