вторник, 3 мая 2011 г.

Back to USSR!

Back to USSR!!!
Heeeeeey, guys!!!!!
Yesterday I found in an old suitcase my mother's dress. I fall in love with this dress at first sight!!!!
And then i found a bag, sure vintage too. Later I also add a red belt, earrings, pearl necklace, stockings and  shoes. So what do you think about my outfit?
When my mother saw me wearing this dress she was very surprised. My Mum told me she looked totally like me now when she was young. She even started to cry a little bit. Later my Mum made my hairstyle. Do you like it? Here, in Belarus or Russia, we call this hairstyle "baskets". I really enjoy this style, and at all I like USSR.
You also can see a dog and a cat on some pictures. The dog is my friend's. Her name is Bonita. The cat America is my neighbor's. Boni and Amy are really close friends(cause Amy is the only cat who doesn't afraid of Boni). 
 Thank you, guys!!!
Feel free to contact me
Love you all
Bye, Lisa... 

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