среда, 11 мая 2011 г.

Why my heart is on my neck?

Hello, my dear beauties!!!   
I’m so glad to write this post. Yesterday was my friend Fedor’s birthday. I know Fedor, I have wished you many happy returns for like a hundred times! But I want to tell you these words again!! Fedor, you are really one of my best friends!! I love you so much!!!! You are so stylish and handsome, I think you will become very cute fashion stylist! Fedor, I also want to wish you to stay such a funny, merry and a little crazy guy. The place is full of jokes, some great tricks and fun if you are in it.
On the pictures you can see me wear not very casual outfit. I know! I was on my way to Fedor’s place when these pictures were taken. Every Fedor’s birthday is a real holiday for us. Last year he asked us to wear as air hostess and aircraft captains. The whole party was perfect(except plane’s foodL). This year Fedor asked guys to wear as old gothic vampires (not like Edward or Damon but like Dracula!) and girls were vampires’ victims! So how do I looked?
We spent an awesome time yesterday. An atmosphere was full of panic, fobos and screams. And red wine looked really like blood. Thank you Fedor for this amazing time!!
Sorry guys, I have no photos, cause nobody thought to take pictures during that fun. But you can see these ones taken before party! Enjoy! 
And some funny pictures taken during breaks:
Bye-bye, thank you

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